New Saturday training venue

Sensei Bell has now secured improved training facilities for Saturday’s regular club training. Classes will now be held in the Cregagh Comunity Centre (same venue as Sunday classes, but in the larger main hall). We’ve also been given use of large training mats which means we can expect to focus more on throws, take-downs and ground-work in the class. Due to availability, the class times will be moved to 14:30.

New training venues

Due to the recent and unexpected closure of the Robinson Centre, Sensei Bell has arranged new training venues for weekly classes until further notice:

Time: 11:00 to 12:00
Venue: Clonduff Centre (directly behind the Robinson Centre)

Time: 14:00 to 15:00
Venue: Cregagh Community Centre

Kyu Grading Success

Congratulations to all the Kiryoku Karateka who successfully passed their Kyu grading today:

1st Kyu (Brown 3)
Matthew Blakely

3rd Kyu (Brown 1)
Carl Stinson

5th Kyu (Blue)
Neville Calderwood

6th Kyu (Green)
Nathan Calderwood

6th Mon Kyu (Green)
Megan McCullough

8th Kyu (Yellow)
Jack Salmon
Logan McMurdy
Lleyton Calderwood

Summer WIKF leaders course

Taken by Sensei Jon Wickes (8th Dan), the WIKF leaders course is the definitive training course aimed at all club leaders and assistant instructors. This 2 day training event is only available to WIKF 1st Dan and above.

Sat, 28-Jun-2014, 13:00 to 17:30
Sun, 29-Jun-2014, 10:00 to 14:30

Lewis Sports & Leisure / Harris CTC College, London

As Sensei Bell will be attending this training event, there will be no regular kiryoku club training that weekend.

Kyu Grading confirmed

Club Kyu grading has been confirmed for Sunday, 22nd June. The regular Sunday club training session will take place from 14:00 to 15:00 and will be immediately followed by kyu gradings taken by Sensei Bell. All students wishing to grade should bring their WIKF licenses and ensure they are up to date. New belts will be available to purchase for successful gradings if required.

Sensei Eleni Suzuki Training Course

North Down Wado Ryu Karate clubs have announced they will be hosting a summer training seminar in August. The special guest instructor making a return appearance to the province, will be Sensei Eleni Labiri Suzuki 6th Dan, the wife of our late great Japanese Master, Professor Tatsuo Suzuki.

Sensei Eleni can lay claim to first class technical and teaching credentials, having trained intensively with her husband until his passing in 2011. Additionally, she has travelled internationally with Sensei to many countries and participated and assisted in many black belt seminars and gradings.

Venue: St Patrick’s, Newtownards
Date: Sat, 10-Aug-2013
Times: 12:30 to 14:30

This training event is open to all karateka and will be followed by a kyu grading exam for qualifying WIKF members following the training session. Please note, Sensei Bell will be attending this event so there will be no regular club training, however Sunday’s class will be on as usual. Sensei Bell encourages all Kiryoku members to attend this event.

2013 WIKF World Cup

The 7th WIKF world cup championships will take place at the end of September in London. This 3 day competition event will see karateka from all over the world coming together to compete for multiple events including kata, kumite and tanto dori. There will also be limited places available for special training seminars with the WIKF World Chief Instructor, Jon Wicks 8th Dan preceeding the competition. This year will also herald the introduction of the Suzuki Championship Cup in honour of the late grandmaster, Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki.

Full details can be found in the event info pack on the WIKF England website:

World cup info pack PDF

World Cup info pack

Venue: K2, Crawley, London
Day 1: Fri, 20-Sept
Day 2: Sat, 21-Sept
Day 3: Sun, 22-Sept

As Sensei Bell will be attending this event to support our competing club members, there will be no regular training classes that weekend.